Members of our network are from a diverse range of businesses; however, every one of our members is using Bartercard to help grow their business in one (or more) of 9 ways. You too can use Bartercard to…

Gain new customers

Bartercard promotes your company to potential customers, facilitating incremental business over and above your daily cash-paying customers.

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  • Gain exposure to thousands of local, national and international businesses
  • Every new customer brings new income on top of what you’re already receiving
  • Increase your revenue and profit margins
Interest free line of credit

As a Bartercard member you will receive an interest free line of credit, ranging from £5,000 to £20,000 trade pounds, to grow your business.

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  • Start making purchases immediately upon joining the Bartercard network – without even making a sale!
  • Use the interest free line of credit as working capital and keep your cash flow healthy
Improve your cash flow

Bartercard adds another dimension to your business by allowing you to accept trade pounds as additional income, which you can then spend in place of cash

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  • Attract new customers and increase your sales using Bartercard
  • Use your trade pounds revenue to pay for needed products or services for your business, bringing your cash costs down
  • Save your valuable cash flow for other expenses and investments and make your cash flow healthier!
Online services facilitate easy trading

Whether buying or selling, shopping or promoting, MYBC brings members together in a new and exciting way.

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  • Online national & international directory
  • Access to online statements & forms
  • Real estate site and transactions online
  • 24 hour online auction room
  • eMARKETplace
  • Mobile App
Expand distribution channels

Bartercard members can cost-effectively expand their business reach by promoting within Bartercard’s network of 54,000 global cardholders.

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  • Members are provided strong marketing and trading options through its national and international directory service
  • The MYBC website is used by members actively promote their business and conduct business transactions
Purchasing discount

When you purchase with Bartercard you are effectively spending with your excess product or service. Therefore, you buy at a discount based on your profit margin.

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  • If it was to cost you 35p in the pound to produce your goods or services then for every £100 trade you spend, it really only costs you £35 – so, you are in fact buying at a 65% discount!

That is the power of Bartercard.

Move excess stock and idle inventory

Bartercard is the easiest way to sell your excess or slow moving stock without heavy discounting, converting it into revenue which you may have missed otherwise.

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  • If your business experiences seasonal markets, Bartercard provides a profitable way to use the inventory on a regular basis
  • We can bring the customers to you and guarantee extra business
Bartercard holds member’s hands to trade

An account manager is assigned to manage relationships between members and assist them with sales and purchases.

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  • Your account manager will help you market your products and services to bring you extra business
  • You will be assisted in making purchases using Bartercard to help bring your cash costs down
Enhance productivity

Bartercard helps companies put their inventory, equipment and employees to more effective use. When you are dealing in ‘time’ – once it is gone, it is gone.

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  • Convert downtime and spare capacity into extra revenue by utilising the Bartercard network as an additional business/revenue source
  • By accepting the extra business that Bartercard brings, you don’t miss out on creating value and fulfilling unrealised potential