Bartercard Franchise Opportunity

About Bartercard Franchise Opportunity

This is a franchise area-based model. The more business you generate – the more you earn.
Your income includes upfront member investment plus a high residual income.
It’s as simple as that.

Advantages of Owning a Franchise

Multiple revenue streams – member investment, residual income and capital growth of the business

Comprehensive IT support systems including a centralised CRM and accounting system

Extensive training

Marketing and lead generation support

Operating your business within the world’s largest trade-exchange

Internationally expanding business

Access to world-class intellectual property

Leveraging from frequently updated internet and technology advancements

The autonomy to control your own business with the reassurance and ongoing support from a world-class global management team

Excellent return on investment

Our Franchise model is unique and has the ability to grow incrementally to provide far greater returns on your investment than most franchise concepts.

Ongoing training and support

We have designed our Franchise model to give you the ability to develop and grow, whilst supporting you through a world class training and support structure.

Be part of a global brand

As a global leader of the trade exchange industry, Bartercard is an internationally recognised brand. We’d love you to join us in the present and future success of Bartercard.

World class software and systems

Our offering includes access to our very own Administration, Trading Management and Sales CRM software to enable you to start running your business immediately.


• percentage of member sign-on fee
• trailing transactional income from members on-going trading
• bonus income based on performance and national competitions

All figures are based on 11 months of business, and after license fees have been paid of 10% on all up-front sales income and ATV*, and 50% of all monthly admin fees.

*ATV is average trade volume. This may vary from member to member | All numbers allow for attrition.

**Different levels of membership and commission rate could vary this amount.

The amount traded may change due to the type and quality of businesses signed up.

Better quality businesses that trade more will result in a higher variable commission.

The figures set forth in this illustration indicate the revenue levels which have been experienced by franchisees. There is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results, nor is it intended that you rely upon them as a warranty of what you will achieve.


Based on eight sales a month for 11 months of the year, you could earn:

Reward and Recognition

Extra bonuses: Owning an Area Franchise makes you eligible for monthly and yearly competitions as well as National and International incentive events.

When you invest in a Bartercard Area Franchise, you are investing in a trusted, well-established brand and an innovative business solution.


To Start

up to 20 training credits provided as part of initial setup arrangement fee (1 training credit = £199 per person)

one-week intensive training

ten-week post-training care programme (plus field training)

Local Support

A minimum of one monthly catch up call by the National Sales Manager

A minimum of one monthly support call by Head Office Support Team

Unlimited telephone and email support available through the head office (during working hours)


regional monthly training plus group reward and recognition sessions

two conferences per annum (invitation to attend)

Tools needed in the franchise

presenter brochures – provided


PC (i5, 6th generation or grater)

stable mid-speed internet connection

access to Bartercard CRM system – provided

branded stationery – provided

Bartercard account to enable trading – provided

business cards – provided

branded promotional pack and banner – provided

reliable, presentable car

Bartercard Marketing

Bartercard’s promotional programmes are focussed on educating businesses on the benefits of modern barter. Building the brand perception of a professional and relevant business solution is integral to the brand message. This, in turn, makes your job easier introducing Bartercard as a solution to meet the needs of our target audience.

Bartercard’s external marketing and the promotional programme include:

local and national advertising in magazines, newspapers, internet, radio campaigns, billboards, etc

sponsorships both on a national and local area level

direct mail campaigns

trade exhibitions and events

public relations

What is the purpose of a Bartercard Area Franchise?

The purpose of a Bartercard Area Franchise is to present to targeted business owners the Bartercard business solution and then on the successful qualification of their business needs and their suitability to Bartercard sign them as a member. Once the sales team enrolls the business owner into Bartercard the new member is passed onto an account manager who will be responsible for servicing the member ongoing. The Sales teams relationship with the new member would be to stay in regular contact to work together to attract other businesses the member would like to trade with.

How much do i have to invest?

Training and establishment fee:
A £20,000 training and establishment fee (Cash and Trade blends are available) is required – £5,000 for initial training and £15,000 for the franchise area agreement

Ongoing Investment:
The Bartercard Area Franchisee must cover all running expenses including: motor vehicle lease, repairs, petrol, tolls and parking, mobile phone charges, iPad or equivalent presentation tablet plus any travel and accommodation if needed.

A £1,000 license fee (£500 Cash, T£500 Trade) is payable every month by the franchisee for the entire term of the franchise agreement.

Sometime a deferred payment option maybe available.

Do I have an exclusive area?
Bartercard do not grant an exclusivity postcode area to a Bartercard franchisee. However you will also be allocated a defined marketing territory or upon negotiation access to other postal code areas as a clearly defined marketing territory. The nature of the marketing areas and the options of special franchise relationships will be determined in direct consultation with Bartercard UK
What is the recruitment process?

During the first stage of recruitment Bartercard will provide you with a general information pack. If you wish to proceed further you will need to simply fill out the Bartercard franchisee application form and forward it to the address provided.

Bartercard will review your application and initiate phone contact, with the view to discuss mutual suitability. If both parties wish to proceed to the next stage then a face to face meeting will be arranged to discuss the opportunity in more detail and provide any relevant documentation.

Once all terms have been agreed upon and both parties are happy to further proceed then franchise documents will be provided to be signed. You will be provided with adequate time to speak to independent advisors.

On the completion and receipt of relevant documen- tation, the establishment fee will be payable prior to initial training commencing.

What training would I require?

Bartercard provides an initial 90 day training and development program. These 90 days will include one week intensive training followed by ongoing training and support.

Do I need to employ people?

Yes you will need to employ other people at some stage. You may wish to maximise your time in front of business owners and perhaps hire your own personal assistant/appointment setter, or even other sales sta to help create appointments.

What ongoing support is available?

During your initial training a Head O ice representative will be in contact with you weekly to check on your progress and provide you with further explanation, and trouble shoot where necessary. A national sales resource will also be available to
receive calls from you if you need help or to discuss issues.

A monthly meeting will be held to discuss activities and provide communication updates and training.

Monthly and annual competitions will be run to stimulate activity and to provide some competitive reward and fun. The National Trading or Sales Manager will also be able to provide one on one time.

What are my reporting requirements?

Each Franchisee will be required to enter into Bartercard’s custom CRM systems all notes, appointments and presentations and manage through to completion. There will also be the requirement to complete a various reports.

Previous experienced required?

Bartercard is a sales driven business therefore the ideal candidate would have experience running a business, general business acumen plus sales and sales management experience.

Good interpersonal skills are essential as well as being a good communicator. Having a great attitude plus being motivated by achievement and money are ideal. Finally being a creative thinker and having the ability to build rapport easily are traits which will ensure success.

What are other opportunities available?

Additional Sales Franchises are available at £500 Cash, T£500 Trade plus £65 cash, T£20 trade payable every month by the sales franchisee for the entire term of the sales franchise agreement.

What is my income potential?

This is totally up to you. How well you organise yourself, what hours you put in, how well you create qualified prospects, how well you sell/close, what type of businesses you sign up are all variables. These are the variables of your income but no limit on your success.

If you believe you fit our criteria and growing a business on big scale interests you, Bartercard may be your perfect opportunity!

Please call us now on 0800 840 6333 and ask for the Franchise Department.