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You’re a health, beauty or wellness business and would like to know how Bartercard will work for you?

To grow your business, you’re looking for an edge that’ll expose yourself to new markets and fill your unproductive downtime. You don’t want to go down the path of heavy discounting because you know it attracts one time only clients, not the long term loyal clientele you really want to attract.

Since 1996, health, wellness and beauty businesses have turned to Bartercard for help to give them the edge over their competition. They’re not happy accepting the quiet downtime, or using heavy discounting which devalues their brand. Instead they’re using the network of 55,000 cardholders to convert their unfilled appointments and excess or idle stock into trade pounds. They then use the pounds to reduce their cash expenses.

Some may be sceptical but there are so many ways you can spend your trade pounds. My business has been a Bartercard member for 10 years and during that time we’ve used trade pounds to help build the business by saving cash (which we can then set aside for cash only expenses – tax, rent, rates, insurance etc). We spend our trade pounds on rubbish collections, computer R&M, we get the studio lawns mowed, we have fresh flowers weekly for our reception area, we advertise in the local free newspaper. Our stationery is printed using trade, we make charitable donations, we take drawings using trade and provide staff incentives. All our studio promotions are done using trade pounds – if it can’t be purchased on trade, there is no promotion!
Joanna Lehndrof
LoveSkin Ltd,
Having joined in October 2016, wow what an awesome experience I’ve had so far. Within a week of becoming a member, I’d received my first order, and within two weeks I’d received an order for a thousand pounds’ worth of product – it certainly blew my expectations out of the water as well as that of my Trade Broker! The Trade Show I attended in December was hugely beneficial. My Trade Broker worked hard for me and my products, ensuring everyone went away with something! And now with the Trade Pounds, I’ve made; I’ve enjoyed a few luxuries for myself as well as spending them on business expenses such as advertising in Verve magazine. I’ve met some really interesting and exciting people via the Bartercard network who have already helped me grow my business beyond what I thought it would be when I started. It’s great encouragement when you have a network such as Bartercard supporting you, particularly when you work for yourself, and something I would recommend to any small business owner. It’s almost like having a small team of cheerleaders calling me saying “how you going?!” and taking me for lunch! Just being really enthusiastic about my business which is really exciting. Thank you so much Bartercard!
Margaret Fraser
Allure Nails