Work at it and it works with you!

Two Members joined Bartercard at the same time. Both experienced business professionals in a similar field. Both met in a virtual trade event hosted by Bartercard a year after they joined. They compared their feelings and notes on Bartercard. The first said, “It been an amazing journey in discovering how not only could I expand sales in my business but as they said when I joined I have saved some good cash sums by using my Trade Pounds, in fact, I’m in Trade Pound debt right now so that’s why I have taken a stand at this  virtual trade event to drum up some business with my Account Manager who is here as well”. The second said, “hasn’t worked for me, had a few sales, maybe a few purchases”. The first said, ”how often do you talk with your Account Manager?”. The second said, “hardly ever, I don’t have time for calls from Bartercard”.  The first said, “ do you read the promotional emails they send?”, “No he said, I don’t have time for that”.
The first looked a little surprised at his statements and asked, “ do you ever give them referrals to help find what you want?”, he responded with, “why would I do that? Its Bartercard`s job to find me what I want”.
The first looked at the second again with surprise and said, “well I think we both know the issue here and that you have joined Bartercard and it appears you have the same sort of business as me but you don`t seem to want to make it work”. There is a moral in this tale, work at it and it works with you, don`t and nothing will happen.

Does Barter works for every business?

There is an old saying in the world of Barter, “ Barter works for every business but it doesn`t work for every businessperson”. Pretty much a true statement. So how do you become the businessperson where it does work!

The first thing you need to do is change your cheque book attitude and change your thoughts on when and how you want to make purchases. In these times it’s sometimes difficult to plan and so we work on a JIT basis. With Bartercard, you need to think and plan on what you want to spend. Of course, you could just wait till the last minute, find you cannot get what you need on trade and just get your cheque book out……………..

Think ahead, work with your Account Manager, don’t ring on a Friday afternoon at 4 o’clock expecting that you will find 3 colour leaflet print on a Friday afternoon just before the close of business for a printer. It’s not going to happen. What you will have forgotten as you are given the bad news that the print cannot be gained on trade is that you, in fact, knew you had to cross this bridge 3 months ago. Think ahead!

Whilst it may be considered an extreme example, we had a Member who told us that he was looking to buy a new van in two years’ time, and could we help him? Clearly the chances of buying a new van on trade are extremely remote however working with the Member this is what we did.

Over a two year period every time the Member bought something he needed in his business on the trade we said to put the equivalent in cash in your bank account and make is sacrosanct, don`t spend it. Leave it. Believe it or not in the two years prior to him needing the van he saved enough cash to buy that van whilst saving the equivalent in cash. He kept thousands of cash pounds in his business to buy the van by spending trade.

Bartercard become West Ham United Academy Sleeve Sponsor

We are delighted to announce an expansion of West Ham United’s relationship with Bartercard.

Building on the partnership signed with the women’s team in August, Bartercard will now become Official Sleeve Sponsor of the Club’s famous Academy of Football and an Official Club Sponsor.

Bartercard will be working with the Club to provide unique opportunities to interested business owners and, as part of the launch of this expanded partnership, will be providing up to 25 businesses with a six-months free membership, with a guarantee of additional business.

Nathan Thompson, West Ham United Commercial Director, said: “I’m delighted to announce this expansion of the Club’s partnership with Bartercard. In times such as these, it is important for all businesses, including West Ham United, to develop new and innovative ways of building strategic working relationships.

“Through numerous conversations with the team at Bartercard, it is clear there is a great opportunity for the Club to build mutually beneficial relationships within the network over the course of this partnership.

“I personally look forward to seeing the Bartercard network going from strength to strength in east London and Essex and helping as many fans and their businesses to grow as possible”.

Bartercard become Hatters’ Latest partners as back of third shirt sponsors


The online trade exchange platform’s logo will appear on the back of the Hatters’ third shirt for the next three seasons.

Luton Town Head of Commercial Chris Bell is delighted to welcome Bartercard to the family of Partners at the Club.

He said: “As we continue to grow as a football club it’s important to work with partners that will support the development of Luton Town at Kenilworth Road and in the future as we move towards Power Court.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the logo on the back of the shirt and using the Bartercard network to support projects at the Club.

“Bartercard are a forward-thinking business with a proven track record and global network. It’s exciting to work together developing this partnership moving forward.”

Bartercard Managing Director Chris Kirby added: “Working with Luton Town FC is a huge honour for us. The forward vision of the club was prominent when initial discussions were taking place.

“The grit and fight on the field last season was something special and we are looking forward to getting involved in the action as soon as we all can.

“We have invested our own closed-loop digital currency into the club which allows the Hatters to purchase products and services from Bartercard Merchants, without using cash. This helps free up the club’s cash flow for other projects.

“We are keen to speak with businesses in the local area who could do with some extra business to fill up their downtime, or who may be interested in running a Bartercard Franchise.”

Morecambe FC are pleased to announce a new three-year sponsorship deal with Bartercard.


The deal sees Bartercard secure naming rights for the home terrace until the end of the 2022/23 season.

Bartercard offers a barter-trading system for businesses to exchange goods and services within a global community. Bartercard acts as a third party record keeper to enable SMEs to purchase goods and services by utilising “Trade Pounds” as a currency across their global network of businesses.

The trading platform offers many benefits such as access to over 50,000 global cardholders, an interest-free line of credit to allow businesses to purchase immediately, access to the world trading platform portal, the use of the Bartercard mobile application for trading and payments and free networking events.

Globally, Bartercard operates in countries including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Thailand, Israel, South Africa and France.

“It’s fantastic to have Bartercard as the new sponsor of the west terrace,” said Commercial Manager, Martin Thomas.

“We have a great relationship with them and look forward to a successful season with a great company behind us.