Retailers Reviews

You’re a retailer and want to know how Bartercard will work for you?

Do you have excess or slow moving stock or do your sales depend on seasonal trends? All retailers have to regularly use their experience and judgement whenever they’re buying stock to re-sell. We all know that on occasions the trends may change, new models will arrive and, despite our best efforts, we get left with stock we can’t sell. This leaves us with the tough choice of heavily discounting the stock to get it sold or let it sit idle, hoping that someone will eventually come in and buy it.

Since 1992, savvy retailers have been turning to Bartercard to help shift their excess or slow moving stock at full retail value. In a cut-throat industry they’ve been searching for an edge over their competition. They’re not prepared to sit on the extra stock tying up their valuable cash or resort to heavy discounting, which devalues their brand. Instead, they’ve tapped into a new customer base within the Bartercard network to convert this excess stock into trade dollars that they’re then using to offset against their cash business expenses.

I joined Bartercard in 2014 and have found the network is a great community where I can use Trade Dollars to purchase stock and everyday business items such as eftpos rolls, receipt books, first aid kit, staff gifts, display items, uniforms, signwriting and promotional items, as well as on repairs and maintenance. In the relatively short time I’ve been a member, I’ve seen increased trade from corporate clients who have now become regular customers, and an increase in nationwide clients, which I would not have had exposure to within the cash economy. Bartercard has provided me with the opportunity to showcase my business while building my awareness of NZ sourced products, and how diverse the range of trades and services are within the Bartercard community. We have a great relationship with Radio Rhema who we supply promotional gifts to every couple of months, the goods get shipped to Auckland and it’s a great way for us to be able to move excess stock. Admittedly it’s taken me a little time to get used to purchasing and spending through the exchange but I’m fortunate to have a great Trade Broker who has helped me find a good balance of trade and cash. I’ve also been able to treat myself and use Trade Dollars for personal drawings which is always a bonus!
Waitara Floral Studio and Gift
We have been a Bartercard member for 17 years. As owners of a food/confectionery manufacturing business, a gift basket business and a newly added café, Bartercard is and has been of substantial benefit to our business over those years. Rather than having to spend cash, we were able to utilise our trade dollars on a range of products and services which were usual cash spends, these included tradesmen for R&M, equipment, packaging and packaging supplies, gift baskets and contents for gifts baskets. Recently we expanded by adding the cafe and Bartercard was a huge benefit in helping with the fit out, we utilised trade dollars to buy kitchen equipment, furniture, crockery, water cooler, as well as other services such as our website, advertising, printing and products for sale in our café like gelato and high end chocolates. Over the years we have seen a steady increase in customer traffic with very little effort on our behalf – we put this down to being a Bartercard member and being exposed to a network we wouldn’t have had if we were just in a cash business. We make it work for us but being in this industry we haven’t found it difficult. Bartercard has allowed not only the business to thrive but it’s allowed us to grow. Our long-standing business had been a food & confectionery factory, manufacturing predominantly fudge and other associated products, with a small factory shop. The dream had been to grow the business into an integrated factory & café and retail shop with a higher profile, to increase our reach to a direct customer. Without Bartercard, we would not have been able to achieve this, we opened the new premises a few months ago. With the interest free line of credit, we were able to pay for a large amount of the expansion costs on Bartercard. Thank you, Bartercard!
Margaret Fraser
Allure Nails
Our company, R J Eager (1989) Ltd, has been Trading with Bartercard for over 14 years. Bartercard trading has increased our business both locally and out of Taranaki Clients. We have been able to purchase many services for our Business with Bartercard, therefore not having to use up valuable Cash Flow. Bartercard has been very useful for Personal use. I always encourage all Business Owners to look into Bartercard Trading. Bartercard has been very good all round for our Company.
Michael Eager
RJ Eagar