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Your business sells professional services and you’d like to know how Bartercard will work for you?

Since 1992, Bartercard has been partnering with professional service businesses helping them fill their unproductive downtime with loyal clients, and giving them a new marketplace to promote their services. They’ve then been conserving cash by paying for printing, advertising, office equipment and other regular expenses using the trade pounds earned.

Reviews from Bartercard members…

Bartercard is a very useful vehicle to promote your business – especially if it is a SME without a large marketing budget. It also assists is sourcing a large range of products and services. Of course, it also helps with the cash flow as barter pounds can be used. I have had a very favourable relationship with the company and would endorse it to any company considering it.
Tom Hays Associates
Omni Local Business Networking is one of the fastest growing Business to Business networking platforms in the UK. We have been a member of Bartercard for over 4 years, and I have got nothing but positive things to say about them. Their team are quick, reliable and good at getting things done. Nothing is too much trouble.

On a business and personal level, I have traded over £40k with BC in the past 2 years. This has come from new business and new clients I would never have found for myself.

The concept of swapping my spare time and capacity for other goods and services has really helped my business.

The benefits I really enjoy of Bartercard is that they GUARANTEE new business for every T£ you spend. SO, if I spend £10k they will find me £10k worth of business. On top of this, you also get a FREE line of credit, with no interest.

For me its a no brainier!

John Gower
Founder of Omni Local Business Networking
I would like to say that Barter card is a great tool and Business asset. It helps save my cash and gives me useful ways to increase business.

Aubrey Steele – Owner
A1 Road Craft
Bartercard have helped me franchise my business, go VIP to Manchester united…help my Son meet his hero Wayne Rooney and taken me to 5-star Hotels. Things I would have not done in CASH world. So very happy and Grateful.
Our Account manager has been great and makes sure that I’m chased so I get the best deals.
Mandeep Samra – Owner
Vibe Graphics Ltd.
Since joining Bartercard, I have picked up as much cash business from jobs as I have done in trade
I purchased some great memorabilia items which were ideal for Christmas presents.
I have found their service very professional and I have a dedicated Account Manager who has helped me in both my sales and spends.
Frank Griffiths – Franchise Owner
Mobile Car Spa
Bartercard is great to covert slow-moving stock into hard cash.
We have made many purchases and converted into much more useful items for our Business. We use Barter for Land purchases in USA and beyond.
The Barter Team and Support team are very helpful.
John Gilbertson - Owner
Bartercard has been an integral part of the growth of my business in recent month.
The key ingredient in building the relationships and trust, I’ve found that since working with Bartercard I have developed relationships with clients I wouldn’t have necessarily been introduced to in the cash world.

Our Senior Account Manager has been on hand to provide the creative ideas of how to maximise managing our cash expenses and offsetting them utilising the trade pounds. Utilising the account to cover the accountancy bill, as well as large print, has been a great way of freeing up cash for other spends in the business.

Digital Media Direct
We have been a Bartercard member now for several months. The team are fantastic and have bought us quite a few new clients already and actively look to promote our business. Our Account Manager is really friendly and very passionate about promoting Likeitlots . I definitely recommend any business owner to sign up or at least find out more.
Nic Eatch
Like it Lots Ltd
We have been so very successful recently at spending on Bartercard, that we have almost run out of credit – we are down to just £800 which, on an annual spend of around T£100k, is not going to last us long!

“At our 12 year anniversary with Bartercard, we have achieved almost £1,500,000 of trading within the network. We have made significant business expense savings which we have paid for with our spare capacity”.

Tim Bishop
Boallack & Bishop
We have been Bartercard members for 10 years and thought it fitting that we now thanked you for your services over that period.

Bartercard has helped us very much grow our Company in the early years attracting new business and offsetting expenses and even generating cash from converting trade pounds into cash by making clever purchases.

We have sold over £250,000 worth of services that we wouldn’t have gained and even have repeat sales now in cash. We have also saved over £170,000 in cash by making purchases through the system instead of using cash.

Examples of things we’ve used Bartercard include:
Courier fees to send and receive items purchased through the system
Office furniture
Overseas accommodation
Staff perks and rewards
Overnight stays in hotels travelling on business
Staff training
Buying in stock to resell
And our great love – memorabilia that adorns our office walls and is auctioned for charity.

We recommend that companies take a look at how Bartercard can help as the exploration can be quite eye opening especially for young companies wanting to grow and who have spare capacity.

Thank you for your help over the last ten years, we look forward to more of the same.

Paul Norton
Go Media
I am an owner of a carpet and upholstery cleaning business, obviously, when starting a business it is a very hard task. I was introduced to Bartercard at the start of the 2013, I started instantly.
My reasons for starting Bartercard was to add some spare capacity to my business and meet customers I may not have met in the cash world. Which in turn would help to establish my business.
The aid of my trade co-ordinator who has worked extremely hard in ensuring my objectives for my business were met. Together we have managed to completely transform the look and establishment of the business.

Bartercard has enabled me to change my website, new uniform, promotional material, vehicle signage, repairs and maintenance. In addition to this the leisure activities it has allowed my family, friends and myself to experience in our personal time. With Bartercard I am now part of a network of business owners and organisations which have in turn opened the door to various cash opportunities.
To conclude, within 7 years my business has gone from a newly started business to a recognised, in-demand established business. Within the Bartercard and cash world.

Ap Carpet Clean
UK Talk Radio are an online talk radio station, which broadcast to the whole of The UK.
We have been members of Bartercard for over 6 years.

The team at Bartercard have helped and worked with us over the years and we would like to thank them for that.

We have been able to sell advertising packages on Bartercard and in return, we have been able to buy services on trade which have been beneficial for the radio station.

We would like to recommend Bartercard and look forward to working with the team more in the future.

Jonathan Hines
UK Talk Radio