Hear How Bartercard Can Help Your Business

What is Bartercard?

Bartercard is a trading platform where businesses can buy and sell their goods or services as part of a global network of likeminded businesses.

Gain access to a huge potential customer base (55,000 cardholders globally) that is not accessible to your competitors.

Bartercard works for you, guaranteeing to bring you new customers allowing you to grow or to use spare or underutilised capacity

We provide you with one of the world’s most innovative business tools and by using 21st-century technology, make the whole process simple to manage.

How Bartercard provides growth opportunities for over 55,000 global cardholders…


Guaranteed new customers

Bartercard promotes your company to thousands of local, national and international businesses who are all potential customers. Every new customer brought to you by Bartercard brings new income on top of what you’re already receiving, which will help increase your profit margins.


Free up cash flow

Bartercard gives you the freedom to accept trade pounds to attract new customers and increase your sales. Use this additional income to pay for what you need, saving you valuable cash for other business or personal expenses and investments.


Interest-free line of credit

Bartercard provides you with an interest fee line of credit creating an additional source of funding for you to invest in the growth of your business and allowing you to do things that may not have been possible because of cash flow pressures.

How does it work?

Bartercard has created a flexible, secure and fully accountable way for businesses to barter their goods and services with businesses all around the country and the world. Bartercard is one of the largest B2B networks with over 55,000 cardholders who are now effectively using barter to…

Gain new customers, who generate increased sales income

Move excess stock

Free up cash

Increase profits from the introduction of new business

Using Bartercard

By using Bartercard, you earn trade pounds for the goods and services you sell and this value is recorded electronically in your member account (similar to a bank account).

You then spend your credit balance (or draw on your interest- free line of credit) on goods or services from any other Bartercard member. It offers you completely flexible trading because…

  • you don’t have to purchase from the same business that purchases from you
  • you can spend with anyone locally, nationally, and internationally
  • you can sell now and buy later, or buy now and sell later
  • you can use the interest-free line of credit as working capital, even before making a sale


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Why barter in business?

Business owners love bartering because it saves them cash; moves excess stock or idle inventory and fills up their downtime or spare capacity.

Chances are you have conducted a one-to-one barter deal in the past and the outcome was win-win.

However, while these direct barter deals can be effective, they lack flexibility, which limits how often they may occur. The challenge with a direct one-on-one barter is you might want something that one business has but they may not want what you have.

By creating a currency of trade pounds you can barter-trade conveniently with up to 55,000 cardholders worldwide.







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